Massage Wanaka


Massage Wanaka

Deep Tissue, Sport Massage, Therapeutic or Swedish Massage

Deep tissue massage penetrates the soft tissue, using appropriate pressure on the affected areas, helping to:

  • Reduce Pain Enhance Performance
  • Relieve Muscle Tension Increase Flexibility
  • Improve Circulation Improve Range of Motion
  • Remove Metabolic Waste Speed Recovery Time

Are you planning to?

  • Swim, run, or bike with a competitive spirit in any of our multi-sport events?
  • Embrace the challenge of climbing or hiking Mt Aspiring?
  • Ski or snowboard at Treblecone, Cardrona, or Snow Farm?
  • Thrill to the adventure of heli-skiing fresh tracks?
  • Enjoy the day sailing, fishing, water-skiing, kayaking Lake Wanaka or the Clutha River?
  • Play a round on Wanaka’s Golf Course?
  • Perfect your serve on Wanka’s Tennis Courts?

ACTIVE MASSAGE in Wanaka is as committed to you, and your health, as you are to your sport and active lifestyle. The benefits of a deep tissue massage will last long after you have left ACTIVE MASSAGE, in beautiful downtown Wanaka.


Price List

Deep Tissue, Sport Massage, Therapeutic or Swedish Massage

30 mins - $80.00
45 mins - $90.00
60 mins - $115.00
75 mins - $130.00
90 mins - $150.00
120 mins - $210.00

We accept EFPOS, Visa and MasterCard. *3.4% added for Visa and MasterCard. *Bookings off site, scheduled on a public holiday or after hours (before 09:00 or after 19:00) will incur an additional $20.00 charge.


Active Massage Wanaka
Level One, 99 Ardmore Street
Wanaka, New Zealand
P: 03 443 2323
M: 021 209 7071

Active Massage Wanaka

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