Massage Wanaka


Massage Wanaka

The therapy that Gray Campbell and her team offer at Active Massage is not what you would expect. Their studio, situated at Level 1 at 99 Ardmore Street, Wanaka, is a haven for healing, restoration and relaxation. Warm, tranquil and cosy, Active Massage offers a unique and special experience for locals and visitors.

The Clinic

Gray and her team pride themselves on ensuring every aspect of the experience at Active Massage is world-class. Customers can book their own time and date easily online through the Active Massage website. The linen is commercially laundered under specific conditions to ensure hygiene and health for guests and therapists. The clinic focuses on minimising its environmental impact by reducing, recycling and going digital where possible. The products used are the highest grade with unassuming scents where possible. Active Massage takes care of people’s bodies and the environment.

Expert, Personalised Massage Treatments

Your treatment, whether for high performance, recovery, rejuvenation or pleasure, is ultimately restorative. The focus is on providing a highly personalised experience, attuned to guests’ needs. Part of the magic at Active Massage is the team’s ability to read bodies and deliver a customised treatment, designed to restore and revive.

Therapists use a blend of deep tissue, sports and trigger point therapy, as well as traditional techniques and cupping, depending on the needs of the client. It is this ability to draw on several modalities that means the results are transformative. The approach is both intuitive and technical.

Active Massage Clinic Gallery

Deep Tissue, Sport Massage, Therapeutic or Swedish Massage

Your therapist will use a blend of techniques which may include deep tissue massage. This technique penetrates the soft tissue, using appropriate pressure on the affected areas, helping to:

  • Reduce Pain Enhance Performance
  • Relieve Muscle Tension Increase Flexibility
  • Improve Circulation Improve Range of Motion
  • Remove Metabolic Waste Speed Recovery Time

Are you planning to?

  • Swim, run, or bike with a competitive spirit in any of our multi-sport events?
  • Embrace the challenge of climbing or hiking Mt Aspiring?
  • Ski or snowboard at Treblecone, Cardrona, or Snow Farm?
  • Thrill to the adventure of heli-skiing fresh tracks?
  • Enjoy the day sailing, fishing, water-skiing, kayaking Lake Wanaka or the Clutha River?
  • Play a round on Wanaka’s Golf Course?
  • Perfect your serve on Wanka’s Tennis Courts?

ACTIVE MASSAGE in Wanaka is as committed to you, and your health, as you are to your sport and active lifestyle. The benefits of a deep tissue massage will last long after you have left ACTIVE MASSAGE, in beautiful downtown Wanaka.

Price List

Deep Tissue, Sport Massage, Therapeutic or Swedish Massage

30 mins - $80.00
45 mins - $90.00
60 mins - $115.00
75 mins - $130.00
90 mins - $150.00
120 mins - $210.00

We accept EFPOS, Visa and MasterCard. *3.4% added for Visa and MasterCard. *Bookings off site, scheduled on a public holiday or after hours (before 09:00 or after 19:00) will incur an additional $20.00 charge.


Active Massage Wanaka
Level One, 99 Ardmore Street
Wanaka, New Zealand
P: 03 443 2323
M: 021 209 7071

Active Massage Wanaka

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