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Gray Campbell – Owner / Therapist

Gray is colourful; she is a passionate lady who radiates immense kindness. She is the first to notice people in need and offer them a meal or a place to stay. Gray and her husband Nevan have a large, blended family with lots of children, some grown and some young. They manage a full and fun life, yet others are always welcome at their table; they are generous and giving. 

Active Massage provides Gray an outlet for this kind-heartedness. Her craft allows her to channel her care for others in a practical and physical way that is also deeply grounding for her. She finds her work to be meditative and calming; the quiet process slows everything down.  For Gray it is focused and reflective time that is not rushed.

Olympians, to the humble bee keeper and even the occasional superstar have graced Gray’s treatment table, yet she treats them like any other guest; she finds their aches and pains and manipulates any tension or strain away. Gray describes the practice as deeply authentic and it is clearly meaningful for her. Her connection with people is real; she will welcome you into the fold and you will be better off for it. 

The Back Story!

Gray, originally from the US, passed the Florida State Board of Massage Therapy exam in 1996 honing her skills at the Ritz Carlton in Palm Beach, Florida.

She arrived in Wanaka in 2005 and after settling in for a few years she set up Active Massage. The business has grown over the years; she began by operating from a single-room studio in the Proactive gym on Plantation Road. 9 years later, in 2017 when multiple rooms were required due to growth, she moved the business to Ardmore Street. 

The Active Massage staff ebbs and flows with seasonal changes, each of whom are highly qualified and experienced, sometimes in a particular field of massage or sports therapy.

The Clinic

Like Gray, the clinic is unique; her personal touches are sprinkled throughout.

You’ll find the usual massage tables, crisp linen and essential oils, but don’t miss the antique clock, interesting nick-knacks and Fat Freddy’s Drop playing in the background. The studio set-up tells a story of its own: the couch in the foyer is where she shared her first kisses with her husband; the rocking chair now situated on the stoop was used to rock her mother as a baby and her own children a generation later; and even the down in the cushions came from her Florida history and is now used to create a unique base for the chaise longue at her entryway. It is best to take in all the details before you settle in for your treatment.

Active Massage Wanaka
Level One, 99 Ardmore Street
Wanaka, New Zealand
P: 03 443 2323
M: 021 209 7071

Active Massage Wanaka

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